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Strange Gods of the Dire Planet (ebook)

Strange Gods of the Dire Planet (ebook)

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Displaced tens of thousands of years in time, astronaut Garvey Dire finds himself caught in Mars' savage past. Winged fiends prowl the nighttime skies and scythed beasts lumber through the violet grasses in the light of the red sun.

Lost tribes celebrate strange gods with bloody rituals and crimson-masked assassins target Garvey and his newly-acquired family within the luminescent halls of the underground city of Ledgrim, even while uncovering an ancient technology capable of razing Ledgrim.

Garvey Dire must violate the inner sanctums of the Technopriests and uncover their most-guarded secrets in order to defend his family and tribe against those who would destroy both in their ruthless quest for power.

Book #4 in the Dire Planet Series

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Q: Is there profanity, sex, or violence in this book?

A: If this book were a movie it would be rated PG-13 for violence and intense action sequences. Profanity and sex may be referenced but are not graphically depicted.

Here's What People Are Saying:

The DIRE PLANET franchise is a treat for thirsty fans of pulp fantasy, particularly those who have a fondness for the classic wave of pulp fiction.

-Kristofer Upjohn, United States

The revolutionary John Carter series is a high bar to shoot for, and Joel Jenkins comes as close as anyone to reaching it. With a few modern twists such as time-travel and a touch of political intrigue, he adds his own touches to the genre that work better than expected. The women are beautiful, the action furious, and vice versa! Well worth a read for fans of sword and planet stories. 

  -Jon M, United States

I bought this on a lark and I'm so happy I did! While Jenkins doesn't reinvent the wheel, he brings quality and some inventive twists to the classic pulp novel. Fun, fast-paced, and gloriously un-PC! 

  -Robert DeFrank, United States


Dire Planet was amazing and rocketed forth at breakneck speeds. I could NOT put this book down.

  -C. William Russette, United States


The best Mars novel Edgar Rice Burroughs never wrote.

  -Anon, United States


Dire Planet is a rip-roaringly good story, there are no apologies for its pulp nature.

  -Jarrak, United Kingdom


Beautiful story.

  -Harvey, Germany


A great adventure story, I can't wait to read the other tales!

Joel Jenkins is now one of my favorite authors, and he fills his stories with great action and compelling characters. 

  -Jason Negen, United States


This is a roaring, two-pronged adventure. One storyline follows the glitch-ridden project to win the race to Mars, the other is what happens when a dying astronaut tries to rescue a warrior who's been trapped in a failing, alien time trap. 

Ripped tens of thousands of years into the fading civilization of Mars's past, Dire must use his earthly strength to survive humanoid and monstrous enemies. 

This story is high adventure in an alternate world: warrior women, giant monsters, alien artifacts, and megalomaniacs trying to rule as much of their world as they can sink their teeth into. Tighten your boots, snug down your hat, and hang on. . . It's a wild ride! 

  -Rob, United States


I loved this story. It has a little bit of today mixed in with 47000 in the past. There are giant spiders, evil ghosts, and crazy warlords all on mars. What more could you want? 

  -Shannon, United States


Finally, a sci-fi novel with bite! The book was very well written and couldn't have been better. It was just the right length to satisfy the reader while also leaving him wanting more, and I believe I read that there are more to come in this series. 

The measure of a good author is not only how well he can write, but how well he can transport the reader into his world and Joel Jenkins does just that. When you pick up this book, you will not want to put it down until it is over. The journey can be likened to that of a roller-coaster ride that just keeps going. 

  -Just Blogs, United States


It is an Earth-saving epic at its finest. The thing I liked the most about this book was that the characters are well-developed. This aspect of writing is always a deal breaker for me and I was so glad that Joel Jenkins spent time on developing the characters in this book. This book is also full of action as well as being well-written. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a modern Martian adventure. 

  -Frasier Grazer, United States